Money as your husband: How to make money yours

Why do we want a relationship with money?

A relationship with money will allow us to have more gratitude, be in more appreciation and become more abundant.

In this talk, I chat about how to create that relationship with money so you can have that ideal relationship with it.

I go over 3 tips on building that ideal relationship with money.

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What is stopping you from being happier and healthier?



As I sat on a hotel balcony in Honolulu looking at this beautiful view, I contemplated my own life and where I could be happier and healthier. I went through an exercise of being hard on myself first as some of us have a tendency to do. I quickly recognized I was doing this and stepped into the exercise of seeing myself in a year from now and what is it that I want to create for myself.

I realized I had in the past let money determine for quite a while what I can and can not create for myself. I had given money the power to determine if I was going to be happy or be healthy. I had let money determine my relationship with myself and others. I had let money stop me from making decisions in my life that I knew would be the best for me.

I ask you to share what is stopping you from being happier and healthier?

It was once I healed my relationship with money that I truly felt in control of my own life . I was making decisions from a place of what is best for me instead of what I can afford? I chose to make decisions from a place of how can I be healthier and happier. I also chose to just be happy and healthy instead of waiting for everything to be the way I thought it should be. This new place of having a healed relationship with money is so much more fun and easier than constantly worrying.

How did I heal my relationship with money?

a) I started to build a relationship with it by spending time looking at my bank accounts and statements. I also watched my budget more closely.

b) I also changed my mindset of how I felt about it. I started to look at money from a place as if it was my best friend. I started to treat money as I would a best friend.

What would your life look like if you healed your relationship with money? How different would your life be? What would you do that you are not doing now?

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Four Weeks to a new relationship

On a day-to-day basis we encounter four things-ourselves, females, males and money. There are few other things we encounter but most of everything can be categorized under these four.

A quick exercise: Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following questions:

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, How much is your relationship with yourself? The number will indicate how much is your relationship with yourself to the best it can be.

How is your relationship with females?

How is your relationship with males?

How is your relationship with money?

Now ask yourself are you happy with these numbers and how things are?

Take a moment and imagine what it would mean to take one of these areas and have an improved relationship?

What does that look like for you?

Ask yourself what do I need to do to have that improved relationship?

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Date with you

Our relationship with ourselves is really a mirror of our relationship with others.
We can only treat others as well as we treat ourselves as that is the best of how we know.

How do you treat yourself? Do you spend time with yourself doing what you want to do? When was your last date with yourself where you really had a great time? How do you talk about yourself and your body?

Wow, that’s a lot of questions.

Are you thinking…really a date with myself? What does that mean?

For example my yesterday’s date was a movie “What’s your number” and a bath. I did indulge in an ice cream because my body said yes to it. Yes check in with yourself and your body as to what it really wants. This check in is the type you would do with a best friend to see what they want so you both have a great time.

With this exercise you are able to connect to yourself in a more complete way.

Do a check in now and honor what you want to do.

Have a fun date with yourself!