Reconnection with what you want and asking for it

Lately the conversation has been centered around asking for what you want. Many of the conversations I have been having lately are around being clear with what you want out of life and then asking for it.
It has been interesting as the cultural aspects have shown up in this. Many of the women I have been talking to mention that they weren’t taught to ask for what they want nor do they really know what they want. All they know is they are unhappy. They feel like there is happiness within them but can not seem to access it all the time.

They are wanting more out of life. They want to feel free instead of stifled. They want to find the passions in life. They want to dance and move through life, maybe literally too.

There is a few ways to feel this freedom.
1. Start asking yourself everyday what do I want today? This is a powerful question. I suggest asking yourself for a length of time to see how your reaction to this question feels. Do you feel shy, nervous, excited or free? The best thing to do is start knowing what you want and asking yourself that is when others will start listening to you too.

2. Who are you? Do you really know who you are? What are your best traits? What are the weakest ones that you still love about yourself but maybe would rather not have? Make a list and keep adding to it.

3. What have you always wanted to do but haven’t yet? Discover what that is and schedule it is in. Make time for it as it will help you feel alive and expressed.

It is all about expressing your true self. Let go of how you weren’t taught to express yourself especially have compassion for your mother, grandmother, etc as they probably didn’t know either. By you learning to express yourself, you will help heal your past and future generations too to have them find happiness and feel it.

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