You have been thinking about the dream job and now you know it is time to do something about it. Maybe it is time to ask for that raise or it is time to find a new job but it is time.

Yes, it is time. It is time to step into your full potential and truly feel happy in your career.

You got this. Your dream job is quite possible.

In the 5-Day Propel Your Career Challenge, you will:

  • Create a career vision and mission statement
  • Step fully into your leadership potential
  • Revamp your personal brand including resume and LinkedIN
  • Trust your inner guidance
  • Attract Mo’ Money

Each day you will need to have 30 minutes to an hour to do the play work with this challenge to go deeper. If you miss a day, catch up when you can.

All of this happens within the Veza Facebook group geared to support women of  cultural backgrounds further into leadership and in an email to you (sign up to receive the email)


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Meet your Business Coach

Manpreet Dhillon,Veza

The boring intro is Manpreet Dhillon is a dynamic leader with over 15 years in senior management and consultant roles who is able to negotiate powerful strategic alliances through open communication and a “win-win” attitude, successfully transform organizational cultures resulting in increased growth and profitability and improved business processes through strategic planning and execution.

With a leadership style that promotes a positive team atmosphere focusing on empowering and developing potential, very adept at developing superior relationships and team creation/mentoring. Working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, consistently deliver results through designing, documenting, auditing and successfully integrating innovative programs with existing policies and procedures.


  • personal development coaching/leadership/team building
  • human resources leader/strategist
  • business development
  • operational management
  • project management
  • change management
  • small business consulting
  • marketing for gender and ethnic diversity initiatives

The fun side of Manpreet is that she loves to make corny jokes, find humour in situations that really are dire, travel and volunteer in some really cool places and she has this elmo-like laugh that comes out once in awhile.

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