Collaboration and sisterhood heightens our personal development

I knew the power of collaboration and sisterhood but this weekend I saw it again.

I am reveling in the energy of the weekend where I was blessed to teach Akashic Records Level 3 to group of women who dove in deep into the trenches of their own souls so they can further uncover their light and be more of a contribution to this world.

It was powerful to see the transformation that occurs when we truly see each other, hear each other and are present to other people’s experiences. 

Reflecting on this weekend, I noticed how much many of us spend time trying to control the experiences of others, trying to prove that we are lovable and trying to prove that we are worthy of love but really the magic is in just BE-ing.

I never noticed the magic of just BE-ing and pure love for me just being me until I spent more time with my nephews and nieces. I realized I love spending time with them because they love me for just me. I don’t have to give them anything, be anything or do anything. I just need to show up, be present and see/hear them.

The same that these women experienced this weekend with each other.

At the root of it all, all of us just want others to be present to our love for them. We want others to see themselves as we see them. We want others to just BE themselves as it gives us permission to be ourselves.

This isn’t just with personal relationships. This is the same at work as well. Each person in your organization wants to be seen and heard so they know their contribution is valued and appreciated. When that is done, magic happens. They perform better. They contribute even more AND they stay engaged with the goals of the company. That person is you who wants to be seen and heard and is in the place to see and hear others so they feel that magic that you want to feel.

As leaders, contributors to organizations and contributors to society, it is your role to BE so you can give permission for others to be.

It is your role to see and hear others so you can be seen and heard as well.

It is your role to build a community of collaboration and sisterhood/brotherhood around you, so you feel that you are fully empowered, you are fully present with your strengths and you are BEing the best version of yourself as you experience love for being just who you are.

The weekend with these wonderful women reminded me the power of mastermind, collaboration and support that we are call for and desire.

I know in my role as a connector that is the work I am hear to do. Connect others through creating community of like-minded women.

This is why the group programs that are offered through Veza are SO important as they allow women to see and hear each other especially when their hearts are raw and they feel ever so vulnerable.

It is time for you to BE, BE seen and BE heard. It is time for you to be you and know you will be loved.

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Be the light

As we send our prayers to all the places in the world that need them today, remember your responsibility is to bring more light into this world and live your life with fulfillment and happiness.

That is what will rid the world of this darkness.

The world is a safe space as long as you continue to live your light, be kind and do your inner work to release your shadows and darknesses.

You are worthy of being that beacon of light that you are.

Be shining your light you give others permission to shine theirs and that is how we will bring more peace in this world.

Be the light. Do what it takes to allow yourself to shine even more brightly. Stop making money an excuse – that is your fear of your own light. You owe it to the world to bring your unique gifts to it.

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A Woman In Business – 5 Ways to Raise Your Profile Power

Self-promotion as a woman – it doesn’t sound graceful and it’s easy to shy away from the limelight, especially if you have to create your own wattage. Many women have been habituated to being in the shadows, and supporting others in reaching their dreams and ambitions. It is time for you to stand out from the noise. But it’s crucial for your career success to do this FOR YOURSELF to be in your power. Instead of thinking of it as self-promoting, think of it as letting your light shine, offering your story to others who might gain something from your struggles and successes, and stepping into your own personal power.

Here are some ways you can get in front of others, get recognized and tell your story:

  1. Know How Great You Are and feel Fulfilled – and also know what you want.  What buzz can you create? What are you curious about and what makes others curious about you and what you do? Why do you want to be in business? Who do you want to work for? What makes you credible? How are you an expert?
  2. Video Pitch – so you don’t like to hear your own voice, and you don’t like the way you look on camera…. Time to get over that! If you can’t enjoy these aspects of yourself, how can you expect others to listen to you and see you? Video is the new bio, the new resume, the new foot in the door. It’s a must in the rapidly changing technological landscape. With the amazing capabilities of new accessible technology, we all have a video camera in our back pocket. Get footage of yourself delivering your elevator pitch, your key strengths and/or your differentiating advantages. It will be your calling card.
  3. Get Connected – find industry associations, women-in-business networking groups, and other gatherings of key people in your industry. They all have luncheons and group meetings and they usually want speakers – they need your story! You can send them your video pitch to get the ball rolling. Here in Vancouver, some of the groups I rely on are Digital Marketing Meetups, Vancouver Entrepreneurs, Tech Vancouver, BCTECH, Launch Academy, Vancouver Economic Commision, Raise Collective, and Front Funder.
  4. Get Introduced – use your networks – personal, business, LinkedIn, and Social Media to meet the people you want to get in front of. Remember to be super graceful and not to corner anyone into a meeting. (Also don’t take it personally if you get no response.) Business is all about relationships and working your relationships to create more is a win-win strategy.
  5. Social Media – choose one or two platforms and create a business (vs. personal) profile. Keep it updated regularly. Interact with others on it daily if you can. You don’t have to be going for Instagram Fame Status – but your social media presence should support your IRL presence.

Expanding your profile can be clever, community-driven and fun. So yes, do it! The world needs more of you.

Need to determine a strategy for your career, contact me for a complimentary 1/2 hour coaching session, email me

Fall – unleash to claim your power

The fall is a beautiful time to bring out the beauty in each and every being on this earth. Fall is a time to ground into the creation before we step into the depths of the winter and freshness of the spring. The fall is a beautiful time to reset, refocus and re-engage on what it is that you wanted to create in this year. This is the time of year that you can accomplish more than you expected in the four months that lie ahead.

Those who see themselves as a leader or are choosing to see themselves as leaders have set themselves up for success. Yes, I know this is triggering to those who are not fully identifying as leaders. I believe there is a leader in each and every one of you. Something inside you does stand out. Something inside you allows you to show this world that you are meant to be here. Something inside you that shows your beauty regardless of the circumstances around you.

You are a leader!

I believe in you. I believe in the value you bring to the world. So it is time for you to see it. It is time for you to step fully into your power and say “YES! I am ready to take action on my dreams!” Really, why have you been stopping yourself?

You didn’t grow up in a household where women were powerful? Well break free of that mold!

You don’t see the people are you stepping into their leadership? Well, who cares what they are doing…focus on those people who you admire and you know are doing what it takes to step their game up. Hire those people, surround yourself with them, pay them for their knowledge so they can support you to your greatness, become friends with people who are up to amazing things and inspire yourself daily through your morning ritual and interesting talks.

Yes, this fall is your time. Your shine to do all that you want to do. You have been laying the foundation, well now it is the time to take action.

Need support and guidance on what to do next. Message me, message your mentor, message someone who can be that soundboard, provide the insight and hold you accountable.

No more playing small. This fall is about you and your power.

Let’s see you fully bloom.

Finding fulfillment in all aspects of life

Some aspects of our lives come easier than others. We have become a master at being fulfilled at those areas as we are able to do what it takes to truly gain success in those areas. There may be other areas that are a struggle and require more focus and attention.

Recently I put the Guide to surviving family events as a single person out there and the comments/feedback I received reminded me of a few things:

  1. According to the Wheel of Life exercise, we can only be truly fulfilled as the lowest area on the wheel of life.
  2. How in many cases, some women really find career alot easier or they find relationships with others or the relationship with their body – it is usually a few select areas that they find easier to master and feel fulfilled.
  3. The areas that they are not fulfilled, they have been struggling at and now feel frustrated.

So as I write this, I am feeling the need to share a key question that will allow you to feel more fulfilled. It is simple, “What do I need to do or be in order to be more fulfilled in the _____ area of my life?”

That’s it, you may be thinking. Yes, you have the answer within yourself. Sometimes you may have a blind spot or need to work with a coach to develop a plan and see the blind spot but really that is it. Ask yourself on a consistent basis this question and see what miracles occur.

Yes, miracles can occur from a simple question. You are opening your mind up to new possibilities, new way of doing things and a new way of approaching life.

Ask yourself the question and what came up for you?

PS: Download the Guide to surviving family events as a single person even if you are in a relationship or single, there is a seven step process to gain confidence and feel more fulfilled in the guide. 

A rock and a hard place?

Sometimes life sucks. Things don’t go our way. You try everything. Changing yourself. Changing circumstance. Taking action. Doing the right thing. Doing the meditations. Affirmations. Everything. It is tiring thinking of everything that you have done to make it better. No matter what you do the situation doesn’t change.

When you get to this place. It is time to be quiet and go inwards. Listen to what the guidance your heart is telling you. Listen to where your gut is leading you. Listen to the voice of reason. Then take one step. Only one step. It may be contacting someone who can help you. It may be sharing your story with someone as they may have guidance. It may be doing nothing.

Listen to your heart. Really that is what it comes down to. It will always work out. Yes, you may have to change behaviours or a deep belief but the external will change as you shift the internal. It is bound to happen. I promise you that.

Listen to your heart and take that one action today.

Love and light,

PS: Coaching on Demand. Is it for you?

Is your deep desire calling?

The fire inside you burns. The fire that you try to swat away at and decrease it but the fire continues. It may simmer for short periods of time but you are aware that it is still present within you.

The fire is your calling. The fire is what you truly desire to create in this world.

It makes you feel unsettled. It makes you feel like something is missing within you. Something more is awaiting you.

Can you feel that fire within you?

Do you feel your soul calling you to something deeper? Something greater?

What is that fire telling you? What do you need to do to nurture and tame that fire into creating what your soul desires?

What dreams have been calling you that you can’t shake? Are those dreams telling you your next steps?

Are you willing, ready and committed to taking those steps now?

Are you ready to make that deep commitment to yourself to listen to your soul’s fire?

Take one action towards that fire today. Let me know what step you took. Just that one action puts your creation into action.

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Communication: Express yourself

Growing up in a South Asian household, I have noticed how our women communicate differently.
I don’t think it is just a South Asian thing.
I was having a discussion with my mom around communication and she was saying herself that she wasn’t taught to ask for what she wants or say what she feels. In our discussion, we started to look at Punjabi women in general around us and realized many of them were in a similar boat. They aren’t taught to use their voice to express themselves.
I don’t know how true it is but it is a perception I have – a good number of South Asian women have thyroid issues which is a suppression of communication. I’m not a researcher so do not have the data but I am prone to drawing the conclusion it has to do with how they use their voices.
Asking for what you want and need is a difficult thing when you haven’t been taught.
I would love to hear how others overcome experiences and have garnered the confidence in asking for what they want?

PS. The leadership program that I just developed right now has a few modules on asking for what you. It’s fun. Trust me. If you are interested, send me a message to find out more.

Leadership exists in you!

Leadership. It’s a heavy buzz word where people either strive towards it or shy away from it.
Leadership. A leader is someone who believes in something so much and they enroll others in their vision. They have others see what they see.
Leaders have fears too. Fears are just not an option for them. They believe in their vision so much that fears will not stop them.
Leaders doubt themselves but they find ways to overcome those doubts.
They know their past does not equal their future. Anywhere they are still impacted by their past in their present, they find new ways of thinking and doing things.
Leaders ask for help because no leader can do it on their own.
Female leaders are more powerful than males (in my opinion of course:) Females are different as they build relationships differently. They care about those around them differently. Also when a women rises, she brings communities with her as well.
A leader exists in all of us regardless of what your job is or what you do. A leader is a way of living. A way of being. Are you ready to embrace the leader within yourself?

I have decided to open up my calendar to coach 5 people who are ready to truly step into their leadership. This special program will include:
*activities on accessing different leadership traits within you
*developing a better understanding of what your body is telling you
*improved health and vitality for leadership
*a mindset that will keep you in the A-Game
*understanding how to create the life you want with minimal sacrifices
*falling deeper in love with yourself and your life
Message me to set up a call to see if this program is for you.

Reconnection with what you want and asking for it

Lately the conversation has been centered around asking for what you want. Many of the conversations I have been having lately are around being clear with what you want out of life and then asking for it.
It has been interesting as the cultural aspects have shown up in this. Many of the women I have been talking to mention that they weren’t taught to ask for what they want nor do they really know what they want. All they know is they are unhappy. They feel like there is happiness within them but can not seem to access it all the time.

They are wanting more out of life. They want to feel free instead of stifled. They want to find the passions in life. They want to dance and move through life, maybe literally too.

There is a few ways to feel this freedom.
1. Start asking yourself everyday what do I want today? This is a powerful question. I suggest asking yourself for a length of time to see how your reaction to this question feels. Do you feel shy, nervous, excited or free? The best thing to do is start knowing what you want and asking yourself that is when others will start listening to you too.

2. Who are you? Do you really know who you are? What are your best traits? What are the weakest ones that you still love about yourself but maybe would rather not have? Make a list and keep adding to it.

3. What have you always wanted to do but haven’t yet? Discover what that is and schedule it is in. Make time for it as it will help you feel alive and expressed.

It is all about expressing your true self. Let go of how you weren’t taught to express yourself especially have compassion for your mother, grandmother, etc as they probably didn’t know either. By you learning to express yourself, you will help heal your past and future generations too to have them find happiness and feel it.

I have opened up five spots in my calendar for mini coaching packages specifically designed for women who are ready to live a life of full expression, free of what they were taught. Please email to schedule your complimentary coaching consult to see if this program is a fit.