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A rock and a hard place?

Sometimes life sucks. Things don’t go our way. You try everything. Changing yourself. Changing circumstance. Taking action. Doing the right thing. Doing the meditations. Affirmations. Everything. It is tiring thinking of everything that you have done to make it better. No matter what you do the situation doesn’t change.

When you get to this place. It is time to be quiet and go inwards. Listen to what the guidance your heart is telling you. Listen to where your gut is leading you. Listen to the voice of reason. Then take one step. Only one step. It may be contacting someone who can help you. It may be sharing your story with someone as they may have guidance. It may be doing nothing.

Listen to your heart. Really that is what it comes down to. It will always work out. Yes, you may have to change behaviours or a deep belief but the external will change as you shift the internal. It is bound to happen. I promise you that.

Listen to your heart and take that one action today.

Love and light,

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Is your deep desire calling?

The fire inside you burns. The fire that you try to swat away at and decrease it but the fire continues. It may simmer for short periods of time but you are aware that it is still present within you.

The fire is your calling. The fire is what you truly desire to create in this world.

It makes you feel unsettled. It makes you feel like something is missing within you. Something more is awaiting you.

Can you feel that fire within you?

Do you feel your soul calling you to something deeper? Something greater?

What is that fire telling you? What do you need to do to nurture and tame that fire into creating what your soul desires?

What dreams have been calling you that you can’t shake? Are those dreams telling you your next steps?

Are you willing, ready and committed to taking those steps now?

Are you ready to make that deep commitment to yourself to listen to your soul’s fire?

Take one action towards that fire today. Let me know what step you took. Just that one action puts your creation into action.

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Communication: Express yourself

Growing up in a South Asian household, I have noticed how our women communicate differently.
I don’t think it is just a South Asian thing.
I was having a discussion with my mom around communication and she was saying herself that she wasn’t taught to ask for what she wants or say what she feels. In our discussion, we started to look at Punjabi women in general around us and realized many of them were in a similar boat. They aren’t taught to use their voice to express themselves.
I don’t know how true it is but it is a perception I have – a good number of South Asian women have thyroid issues which is a suppression of communication. I’m not a researcher so do not have the data but I am prone to drawing the conclusion it has to do with how they use their voices.
Asking for what you want and need is a difficult thing when you haven’t been taught.
I would love to hear how others overcome experiences and have garnered the confidence in asking for what they want?

PS. The leadership program that I just developed right now has a few modules on asking for what you. It’s fun. Trust me. If you are interested, send me a message to find out more.

Leadership exists in you!

Leadership. It’s a heavy buzz word where people either strive towards it or shy away from it.
Leadership. A leader is someone who believes in something so much and they enroll others in their vision. They have others see what they see.
Leaders have fears too. Fears are just not an option for them. They believe in their vision so much that fears will not stop them.
Leaders doubt themselves but they find ways to overcome those doubts.
They know their past does not equal their future. Anywhere they are still impacted by their past in their present, they find new ways of thinking and doing things.
Leaders ask for help because no leader can do it on their own.
Female leaders are more powerful than males (in my opinion of course:) Females are different as they build relationships differently. They care about those around them differently. Also when a women rises, she brings communities with her as well.
A leader exists in all of us regardless of what your job is or what you do. A leader is a way of living. A way of being. Are you ready to embrace the leader within yourself?

I have decided to open up my calendar to coach 5 people who are ready to truly step into their leadership. This special program will include:
*activities on accessing different leadership traits within you
*developing a better understanding of what your body is telling you
*improved health and vitality for leadership
*a mindset that will keep you in the A-Game
*understanding how to create the life you want with minimal sacrifices
*falling deeper in love with yourself and your life
Message me to set up a call to see if this program is for you.

finding yourself

Reconnection with what you want and asking for it

Lately the conversation has been centered around asking for what you want. Many of the conversations I have been having lately are around being clear with what you want out of life and then asking for it.
It has been interesting as the cultural aspects have shown up in this. Many of the women I have been talking to mention that they weren’t taught to ask for what they want nor do they really know what they want. All they know is they are unhappy. They feel like there is happiness within them but can not seem to access it all the time.

They are wanting more out of life. They want to feel free instead of stifled. They want to find the passions in life. They want to dance and move through life, maybe literally too.

There is a few ways to feel this freedom.
1. Start asking yourself everyday what do I want today? This is a powerful question. I suggest asking yourself for a length of time to see how your reaction to this question feels. Do you feel shy, nervous, excited or free? The best thing to do is start knowing what you want and asking yourself that is when others will start listening to you too.

2. Who are you? Do you really know who you are? What are your best traits? What are the weakest ones that you still love about yourself but maybe would rather not have? Make a list and keep adding to it.

3. What have you always wanted to do but haven’t yet? Discover what that is and schedule it is in. Make time for it as it will help you feel alive and expressed.

It is all about expressing your true self. Let go of how you weren’t taught to express yourself especially have compassion for your mother, grandmother, etc as they probably didn’t know either. By you learning to express yourself, you will help heal your past and future generations too to have them find happiness and feel it.

I have opened up five spots in my calendar for mini coaching packages specifically designed for women who are ready to live a life of full expression, free of what they were taught. Please email to schedule your complimentary coaching consult to see if this program is a fit.

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Argh! What to do when the mind is fighting against you

Your mind can really mess with you. We tell ourselves that we need to be aware of external enemies but really sometimes our mind is our biggest enemy. The worst part is that it is a part of you. It is you. So really you can be your own worst enemy.

The mind is really a beautiful thing. It has the power to make you believe anything you want. But that is the thing…ANYTHING.

I will be starting a rant/vent/expression of how much I love my mind but sometimes it really needs a check! Can you relate?

Scenario 1: At times…it is positive, it is expansive and it will come up with solutions that I never imagined were possible. It is all in there! It has so many ideas, it’s actually quite amazing.

Scenario 2: Other times, it will make up scenarios, make me fearful of really nothing or make me question myself.

Having the strong mindset to decipher the two is so needed otherwise scenario 2 can lead you into a downward spiral.

I realized something the other day. It is something I knew but sometimes when you are in Scenario 2, it is hard to remember the good things.

Scenario 1 is usually when I am leading from my heart. My mind isn’t involved. My heart is expansive, positive and just knows things. My heart is actually stronger than my mind. I just wasn’t taught how to live from my heart. From the society, I was taught how to live from my mind.

Argh….why weren’t we taught how to live from the heart? Life would be so much easier!!

Luckily now I have the tools to live from the heart. Through meditation, Akashic records (the records of your soul with all past life and this life information – side note: I am a teacher and a consultant of these records: If you are interested in learning more – message me:) and through coaching, I have been taught to live from my heart. I was able to uncover how to be stronger in all areas of my life where my mind was putting fear or limiting me.

So my suggestion to you is: “LIVE FROM YOUR HEART!!” Life will be so much easier that way! You will have more positive relationships with your self and others, you will make decisions where you are happier and you will feel joy all the time, well most of the time but there will be joy there.

If you want to learn how to live from your heart, join me for the special 5 hour “Live Your Best Life” program starting December 4th with 4 calls and then an in-person event on December 13th (this is optional). Details here;

It’s time now to live from a place of happiness, expansiveness and joy…don’t you think?



Love is always present within you

Recently, I finished a fabulous life changing trip to Nepal where I had the opportunity to volunteer with a fabulous group of women from Canada and the US. It was a volunteer trip where we had the opportunity to serve the women of the Indrayanil Women’s Center through workshops.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was about love. It was not what I was expecting to learn about during this trip. I thought the trip would be learning more about the culture, the people and my passions rather I learned about that all and love as well.

Love is one of those things we know is present in our lives but we don’t always feel it. When we are in our head, deattached from our hearts we don’t always feel everything that is around you or within you. Our thoughts get in the way of actually feeling the emotions.

This trip moved me back into my heart as I wasn’t able to communicate with my mind as there was a language barrier. I needed to communicate through body language more than anything. In order to utilize body language effectively, I had to remain connected to my heart. Through this connection, I was able to effectively create beautiful relationships with these women that I had just met. There were no stories of the past, it was all about being present with each other. It was a great reminder of when we let go of our stories, how easy it is to create beautiful relationships purely on love and presence.

Also, I was reminded that there was so much unconditional love for myself within me that I had not accessed due to my own mind chatter. I had made up stories about myself based on circumstances. As I moved more into my heart, I realized how much love I had for myself that I hadn’t accessed for a long time. The special connection we have with ourselves can truly be accessed with we are living from our hearts as it allows us to truly feel our feelings.

Living in the western world where there are demands, busyness, lots of work to do, how does one live from their heart so how does one bring back these amazing experiences we have when traveling abroad back home to North America?

  1. Move your body. Whatever you need to do to feel the blood flowing in your body do it. This helps you to feel your surroundings, your emotions and the emotions of others. Many times we fear feeling our feelings as there are those who feel drained by others. It is important to have techniques and tools to help protect your energy by bringing in the good feelings and being aware of what feelings are those of other’s. Moving your body helps you keep your energy clear, protected and strong in deciphering what energy you want to feel.
  2. Do what you are excited about and passionate about. This allows you to stay connected to your purpose and your why which keeps you connected to your heart. You will want to feel the happiness in your heart as you contribute to the world. It will make your heart a more beautiful place to live from.
  3. Be aware of your body language. Our communication is 70% of our body language. We use our body to communicate truly what we are feeling and what we want to say. It is important to be aware of your stance, hands and positioning as a way to truly be present in the conversation. Be aware of what you are communicating through your body.

Take the next five days to become more aware of if you are living in your heart or from your head. Allow yourself to live from your heart and see what miracles are present. I would love to hear how this experience of living from your heart is and what miracles showed up. Please email me here to give me the update!

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How spirituality impacts your career

Spirituality is making it’s way out of being a woo woo subject to one where it is talked about in some business settings. Many of the top business leaders, athletes and other top performers have accredited their success to meditation and visualization. They will take the time each day to center, ground and visualize the results that they want.

Our brain is a powerful tool that can be tricked. The brain only believes what it focuses on. Essentially, through feeling and believing anything can come true. But the trick is that you must truly feel and believe it. In order to do that, you must clear out the old cow webs (old beliefs) that no longer serve you in order to truly believe and feel where you want to go and be.

So the question lies how do you do that?

Some tools include meditate or journal with the focus on the question of “How can I be in the energy to attract…..” or “What do I need to let go of known or unknown…”

Just this simple tool will help to reveal the cow webs.

Sometimes, we have our own blindspots. That is when we need someone’s support to show us our blindspots. Join me on October 30th for this special Healing Circle focused on Finding your purpose. This will help to shine a light on your blindspots so you too can achieve and create all that you want in your life!

Healing Circle: Finding your purpose



3 ways to Discover and Reconnecting with your purpose

3 ways to Discover and Reconnecting with your purpose

Purpose. We hear the word but what does it mean for you? Many of feel that when it comes to moment when we find our life purpose that is when everything will come together and we will be happier. Even Mark Twain has a famous quote “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” Don’t you think it is time to connect into your Why?

I would like to suggest three ways that I have used to discover and reconnect to my purpose and would love to hear how they worked for you.

1. Journaling. Free journaling allows your thoughts to come through. Personally, I will journal in the following way:

  • Highlight times in my life where I felt I made a major contribution.
  • Make a list of compliments I have received and see what the pattern is in those compliments – were they along the same lines? Did they resonate?
  • Reflect on what comes easy to me. What is natural for me?

2. Meditation. After the journaling, I will step into a meditation usually with ocean waves (theta waves are great!) as this allows for a deeper meditation. I will set my intention to connect in with my best self (Here’s a meditation for setting vision that I did at new year’s that allows you to connect into your best self, here is the link.)

3. Ask others.  I will take the time to ask others as to what they think I am good at. I ask trusted sources who will be honest. In my conversation, I will ask them questions:

  • When do you feel that I shine? What environments and what is going on in my life at that time?
  • What benefit do you think I bring to this world?
  • How have I impacted your life?

These questions will allow for a honest conversation and a deeper connection with the person as well.

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Stop feeling like a second class citizen

This is one of those topics that will spark discussion. I know that it will not resonate with everyone but for some of you it is true. You grew up feeling like a second class citizen. I did too.

Growing up to immigrant parents who were learning English at the same time they were trying to build a new life, they saw and knew what struggle was. They dealt with racism. They dealt with being turned down for jobs because of the color of their skin. They dealt with people not talking to them in stores because my parents couldn’t speak English. They were treated as if they didn’t exist sometimes because they didn’t speak the language. It was a novelty and a wonderment that they had their kids in sports. It was easy to see as a child when the other parents when look at my parents with a sense of wonderment like they had opened the world to something new when they brought their kids to the hockey games or the modeling school as there were no other Indians there. My parents constantly broke down barriers in the community for us as children as they tried to learn what the other families in our neighborhood were doing so the kids can be “normal.” My mom would ask my brother and I:

  • what the other kids had for dinner and how they made it
  • what was their curfew
  • what type of clothes were the other kids wearing

All this so they can help us fit in so we wouldn’t have to deal with what they deal with.

As a child, I always felt we were playing catch up. I had to learn a culture at the same time of learning the curriculum at school. It was a double whammy of trying to navigate through a school where there were very few minorities. Everyone else was having different experiences than I was. I had strict Indian parents who were trying to navigate their own lives in a new country.

I just never felt good enough as the other kids.

I remember thinking how I just wanted to be a “white” kid. They seemed to have life be so easy. They were allowed to wear what they wanted to wear, they had way less rules and their parents had experienced some of the same  curriculum and high school life. The lives of my parents as high school kids and mine seemed so different. At least my parents were able to help me with math even if they weren’t able to help me with the other subjects.

As I moved into my career, I started noticing that there were only a handful of people who looked like me in management roles or in professional roles. If someone had a role that was in any time of leadership position, they had made it somehow. I remember feeling that maybe we were good enough because of the color of our skin again. I remember talking to some of those individuals and asking them how their journey was. The response would be:

  • You have to work twice as hard to get here.
  • You have to prove yourself.
  • I dealt with a lot of racism

One thing I noticed about these men, yes mostly men was that they had developed a thick skin as to what others said about them.

Now to add on the fact that I was a female of color, that meant I had to even work twice as hard as these men. To this day, females of color are the lowest paid (here is an article that talks about those statistics in the US). Still when we see women of color as a partner or in a senior position, there is a level of awe that is associated with it as she has made it. She also had to sacrifice a lot. Many a times (I am generalizing), members of her community will think she acts too western and she doesn’t fit in with people of her own kind or she thinks she is better than the others. This attitude is changing especially in the last ten years but growing up what I saw was that women were ostracized for being success. They were told that at home they still needed act as what was culturally accepted depending on what culture they were brought up in. What a internal struggle for these women then and for many it is now.


First you have the challenges of having to balance your own identity at home with the cultural pressures of what you were brought up in where many times the women stayed home and then the cultural pressures at work where you had to prove yourself as that leader and great manager without mentors that had the same struggles as you. There is always a double layered struggle that is there and a sense of having to push all the time.

It is very tiring to feel that you had to prove your worth, your ability and your knowledge. It is tiring to have to push doors open for yourself all the time. It is lonely to be at places where others don’t understand how hard it was to get there. It is physically exhausting to have to balance the act of being the good girl that takes care of the immediate and extended family, the home and all the social activities while striving to move through new ranks in the workplace.

Luckily, we live in an age where there is awareness to these issues. Where there is a deeper level of understanding of diversity and inclusion. We are far from where things are equal but there is movement.

In the meantime, in order to keep your sanity:

  • Have conversations about your daily experiences at work and home with those who can help change the experience. The reasons why females want 50/50 with errands is because they are also contributing to the workplace. They have an additional barrier that they need to work through.
  • Hire immigrants in your workplace and talk about the skills they have to offer not just where are they from.
  • Talk about cultures and cultural practices in the workplace as that creates a deeper level of understanding of how people respond to different management styles and different working styles as well. For instance, in some Asian countries when a manager gives direction you just say yes. Ask people for their opinions as they may still be operating under cultural biases even if they grew up in Canada.
  • As an individual, understand your own working styles and how much cultural bias is impacting your career. Are you blocking your career progression in some way?
  • If you are tired, it is okay. It has been a struggle. In time, you will have the strength and capacity to do all that you want to do. Just give yourself permission to be.

In closing, the second class syndrome is something has existed in many countries like India and Africa. It is time we shed this cultural influence in our lives and understand where you are is where you are meant to be. You deserve to be here and you are worthy. You are worthy of marketing to the mainstream community, you do not have to focus just on one community because they will understand you. Others will understand you too. You have skills and talents to contribute to this world. Allow those to shine now.

For those of you interested in understanding the impact of the cultural biases and are ready to shed them, coaching is an avenue to uncover and clear obstacles while creating the mindset and action plan to move forward with the confident leader that you are.