The High Price of Indecision

We’ve all dealt with indecision at some point in our lives, especially in a work environment.

The trouble is, indecision comes with a really high price.

Being in limbo, without a clear decision to move forward keeps you stuck, unable to move forward… and yet, it can be really easy to wallow in a pool of decisions left unmade. 

So WHY is it so difficult to make decisions?

Because thinking for ourselves, and making decisions for ourselves is confronting.

It’s so much easier to allow others to make the rules and tell us what to do. Our cultural and family biases often program us to search for and cling to the approval we receive in following the rules. We’ get really used to following the “leader” and doing things correctly. Rarely are we rewarded for making independent decisions and paving our own path. Making independent decisions comes with the potential for embarrassment, failure or some form of punishment.

Religion is a perfect example of this: a lot of people look to other individuals (such as religious leaders) to make decisions for them, rather than making those decisions themselves. Being in a passive role like this may seem easier at first, but is actually quite detrimental to happiness and personal development if it keeps you from from moving forward with confidence.

How can you be happy and confident your actions if you’re never encouraged to choose what creates happiness for you?

That lack of self-assurance translates into your leadership. Specifically, it diminishes your ability to make confident decisions and of course, your colleagues or team members will feel it too. 

When you’re unable to make confident decisions on your own, it undermines and manifests low confidence in every aspect of your life, and other people will pick up on it as well.

People need decisiveness in their managers and business partners.

An assertive, decisive attitude shows that you have confidence in your abilities as well as your choices. It instantly amps up your credibility and trustworthiness.

Indecisiveness, on the other hand, detracts from your credibility, and limits your ability to attract the leadership and partnership opportunities you want most.

So where does indecision stem from?

One of the main contributing factors is analysis paralysis. This  happens when you overthink every aspect and consequence of every possible decision that can be made. It’s like a game of chess in which a player sees hundreds of moves ahead with any play they make, and as such, they have a very tough time making a move at all.

This kind of downward spiral won’t just affect you personally. It will also impact your business, your colleagues and your employees too.

When you spend so much time overthinking things, you waste a lot of time and often don’t come to any decision at all.  Your paralysis keeps everyone else stuck and frustrated in turn, and opportunities pass you and your organization by.

Solid analysis is important before making a choice so your decision is a well-informed one; however, at some point you have to stop analyzing and commit to some direction so you can move forward. At some point you have to cut off all the other options, make a choice and understand that this decision will lead you in the right direction, trusting that this will open up doors for you.

It’s also possible that the direction you choose won’t be the ideal one. You may have to course correct. 

What’s most important is that you take SOME action regardless of what it is.

At times you do have to just make a decision, put plans into action and allow momentum to inform you of what to do next.

So often we’re looking for clarity so that we can make a decision and yet it’s making the decision and that actually creates clarity.

In a situation like this, where you’ve made a decision but soon after it doesn’t feel like the “right” one for you, it’s really important to listen to those feelings and trust your gut instinct. If you can’t trust your own intuition you’ll want to turn to someone you do trust for guidance and reassurance, whether that’s your Guides, or an established Mentor or Life coach, or a your Mastermind partners.

This isn’t a time to ask colleagues or family members about their opinion.  They’re likely to offer biased advice instead of the objective, impartial feedback you’re after.  With colleagues, in particular, you also run the risk of undermining how they view and listen to you in future situations. Sometimes (with less supportive or understanding colleagues) asking for advice to course correct  previous decision can be seen as abdicating personal responsibility or displaying lack of self confidence. These aren’t traits you want to cultivate when in a position of leadership so it’s best to play it safe by asking for advice in a very safe space.

Avoiding this predicament is one of the reasons it’s so crucial to have a coach or mentor to turn to. They can provide a great sounding board for you to work through your decisions while allowing you the space to justify your actions to yourself without judgment or potential backlash. They’re just there to listen.

More importantly, working through your decisions or the consequences that follow with a mentor or coach is like a practice run that makes it easier for you to  justify decision to others when needed.

Finally, when it comes to indecision, the most important thing to keep in mind is that every single decisions is an opportunity to learn and grow. Decisions can always be reversed or course corrected along the way if needed: nothing is really set in stone.

Should you find that you’ve made the “wrong” decision in a given situation, be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Forgive yourself, and then move towards the direction that feels more aligned.  

Remember that once you’re in motion, it’s easy to change direction: it’s taking the first step forward that’s the most difficult.

It’s the Veza 2018 Goal Setting Intention Guide.

This is a special workbook I’ve created for our community (for free) to help you review your year and set intentional goals for the year to come. The first section is all about capturing this year’s accomplishments so I highly recommend downloading it if you’re wanting to talk new salary (or new role) in 2018.

 Download your copy of the Veza 2018 Goal Setting Intention Guide here

p.s. After you grab your copy be sure to join us over in our  private Facebook Community  where we’ll be completing the workbook together and masterminding to create a game plan to magnetize your dream career (with the salary to match) in 2018.

How To Ask For What You’re Worth And Get It

It’s really easy to obsess over your compensation package.

I know SO many women who continuously stress and strive for a bigger salary and more prestigious title, rarely stopping to even appreciate each successful promotion.

Really, it’s no surprise.

We’ve been raised by our parents and communities to believe that our paycheque is a reflection of our value. That what we’re paid is an indication of our worth.

That line of thinking is really damaging because ultimately it means that what we’re paid becomes our source of self-worth.

No wonder there’s a push to earn more and more. Even if the roles pursued aren’t fulfilling.

Here’s the thing, I’m all for shattering the glass ceiling and seeing more and more women rise in leadership and pay grade, especially women of colour, but first, I want you to know the truth.

The truth is…  whatever you’re being paid right now… is not the place to define your self-worth.

Divinely you are worthy of far more than you could ever ask for.

Your worthiness is inherent in your essence and your very being.

With that understood, asking for what you’re “worth”, in the context of your career, really boils down to the VALUE you offer to your employer.

Your value is measured by your demonstrable skills, talents, experience, and education AND your ability to bring them forward and present them in a way that makes it clear to your manager that you are an asset to the organization.

When you can communicate your value with ease and confidence it’s really simple to ask for the raise or promotion you know you deserve and hear, “YES!”

Here how I coach my clients to ask for what they’re worth and get it:

Build Up Your Worthiness Mindset

Last week I talked a lot about mindset. I shared how certain mindset shifts helped me land my dream role at the United Nations .

Well guess what… Mindset is at the heart of asking for your raise or promotion too.

The mindset that’s required when you’re asking for more money or a new role is to approach the situation with the full body understanding that your paycheque does not to equate to and cannot diminish your worth.

You’re worthy because of who you are and you are capable of receiving as much money as you desire because you are a powerful creator.

When you walk into the room with this knowing, it changes the conversation.

You lead the conversation from a place of confidence and strength because you KNOW you’re capable and deserving of any amount of money you ask for…and you KNOW that the Divine / Universe / Source will bring you whatever you desire, be it in  your current role, or in one far better than you could ever imagine.  

Compare Your Job Description vs. Your Actual Role

In the age of cutbacks and downsizing,  it’s very rare to find yourself doing only the tasks and duties that are outlined on your official job description. Quite often you’re doing 5 different jobs under one title and not being properly compensated for it. The good news is, this is a really easy way to showcase the added value you bring to the table simply by walking into the room prepared with comparative roles and salaries.

Do the research and compare your current job description alongside the job description of the role that you’re “really doing”. Dig up as much salary information as you can find too.  Share salaries from similar roles, in similar industries and even in other industries as well. Don’t be afraid to present job descriptions and salaries for the role that’s one promotion or pay grade up from where you are currently to show where you desire to grow.

When it’s in black and white it becomes a lot easier for your manager to agree that it’s time to adjust your salary accordingly.

Show Your Work

In addition to outlining your actual role, you’ll also want to show your value through compiling a list of achievements and contributions you’ve made to the organization in the last year or since your last raise. Create that list, review it to boost your confidence, and bring it to the table.

Being able to confidently show and say, “These are the contributions I’ve made” demonstrates your value beyond far your ability to do the work you’re assigned.

It allows you to create some leverage here and leverage is key in negotiations.

Always Talk About The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, companies are in business to make money — even when they’re  not-for-profit

When you’re reviewing your list of accomplishments be sure to talk in terms of the bottom line as often as you can. You’ll want to show how you’re driving sales, acquisitions or assets for the company or how you’re increasing resources.

If you’re in a position where you don’t directly impact the bottom line or sales, in an admin or a human resources role perhaps, you can share where you were able to save the company money instead.

Share examples that demonstrate how you’ve contributed to the improvement of workflow, used resources more effectively, and how you helped make the lives easier of those who are in sales or revenue producing roles. That’s just as important since it contributes to healthy profits.

Schedule a Time to Talk About Your Raise

Rather than springing a salary discussion on your boss, it’s really important to set a time and day to discuss your compensation with the appropriate person whether it be your hiring manager, Human Resources etc.

You want it to be clear that you’re opening a dialogue to talk about salary and you want them to be in the right mindset to have that kind of conversation.

It can feel confronting but you need to be  transparent about your desire to negotiate salary in order to create the kind of outcome you’re hoping for.  When your manager is also prepared to have this conversation, it puts you in a place of power. You can be totally open and upfront and your manager will expect you to be.

Take Control Of The Conversation

Being the one to request the conversation, you’re also in a place to lead the conversation if you choose…and it’s wise to do so.

Take control of the conversation by being the first to when you enter the room. Thank your manager for taking the time to review your compensation package and let him or her know that you’ve pulled together a package to review together.  Present your case and allow her to provide their feedback but do not allow her to control the conversation.

When you’ve stated the facts and your requested salary, close the conversation by asking for immediate feedback if that’s appropriate or a clear date of decision.

You want to make it clear that you’re expecting a decision or decision date at the end.

Be Ready For Objections

To effectively control the flow of conversation you’ll also want to prepare for any objections beforehand.

Think of all the possible reasons your raise or promotion might be declined and come up with a counter point.  

Here are a few to get started….

If they say, “Well there’s no room in the company budget.”

Prepare notes prior to the meeting on ways you can increase funds for the company or department. Or, consider countering with benefits that aren’t directly related to salary such as personal development days, money, vacation time or days off.

If they say, “That no one else is getting a raise.”

This might be an opportunity to discuss the timing of your last raise if it’s been a while. You’ll also want to  explore your performance over this period of time to demonstrate where you’ve performed over and above your colleagues and therefore deserve unique opportunities. Again, you might wish to consider or suggest  non-salary benefit like extra training.

Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

Once you’ve wrapped up your presentation, ask for a decision within a certain timeframe. Then, let your manager know, you’ll be following up within a week and that you look forward to a positive result from the conversation. Close the conversation immediately afterwards by thanking your manager for his or her time and walking out of the room with confidence.

Be sure you follow up in a week as promised… or even better, as soon as you walk out of the room, schedule a follow-up meeting so they have it on their calendar as well.

One Last Thing…

If you’re a ball of nerves either right before you head into the conversation, the best place focus is that list of accomplishments you’ve created to help you really own the fact you that you are an asset and deserve to be compensated accordingly.

I also shared a few more tips recently right here

Remember! You have a lot to offer and your list of accomplishments (along with your cumulative list of degrees and career achievements) is proof that you have contributed so much already so go ahead and create that list!

Now is actually a  great time to recall and capture your accomplishments throughout the year if you haven’t been keeping track.

To help you get crystal clear on the value you brought to your organization in 2017 and to begin setting your career goals for 2018 I have a special gift to send your way…

It’s the Veza 2018 Goal Setting Intention Guide.

This is a special workbook I’ve created for our community (for free) to help you review your year and set intentional goals for the year to come. The first section is all about capturing this year’s accomplishments so I highly recommend downloading it if you’re wanting to talk new salary (or new role) in 2018.

 Download your copy of the Veza 2018 Goal Setting Intention Guide here

p.s. After you grab your copy be sure to join us over in our  private Facebook Community  where we’ll be completing the workbook together and masterminding to create a game plan to magnetize your dream career (with the salary to match) in 2018.

May these resources guide you to ask for what you’re worth and get it! Enjoy!

5 Mindset Shifts That Landed Me My Dream Role Working At The United Nations

In the span of a few short weeks I’ve sold my condo in Vancouver, released my freelance projects, and launched a brand new life in the Netherlands developing strategic HR initiatives at the United Nations.

Yes. Really.

Blows my mind too.

As fast as it’s all happened, it’s actually something that I’ve imagined myself doing for years…

Working abroad and making an impact globally is among my top career priorities. I’ve volunteered in Botswana and India over the years for this reason and I don’t recall a time in my life NOT envisioning myself working or being involved with the U.N. one day, in some way.

For some, this might seem really bold… because everyone knows you don’t just stroll up to a career fair at the Hague and chat up a hiring manager to “get in”.

In that respect, I suppose that deciding I could land a dream role at the U.N. is a rather bold.

The thing is, I’ve landed many dream jobs and golden opportunities over the years  and I’ve witnessed colleagues plus supported clients to do the same.

We aren’t the lucky ones or chosen few by any means, but we do share a few traits in common, the most important, in my opinion, being our mindset.

Your mindset, the general beliefs and assumptions you hold, are critical in determining how quickly you can magnetize dream roles and “big breaks” in your career.

Here are 5 mindset shifts that helped me land my dream role working at the U.N. to help you land your dream role too:

Mindset Shift #1: Let your heart lead the way NOT your head

We’re taught, through the education system, to continually intellectualize or think logically with our hearts to make every single decision. I’ve stopped doing that. Long ago I learned that the most unexpected, magical opportunities are revealed only when I let my heart lead the way.  Most times, when I make a decision my head is all, “Nah! Nope! WTF? What are you DOING, Manpreet?!” and my heart is going, “Hell YES! Let’s do this.”

Accepting this role at the United Nations, a prestigious, though unpaid role, meant I had to leave everyone and everything I’ve established in Vancouver behind and it made zero sense in my head or on paper. Why start fresh and without a cushy salary?

My extended family was really puzzled that I’d go live by myself in a foreign country. Some Aunties actually called my parents to express concern. A few friends kept warning I was making a huge financial mistake by selling my downtown condo in a skyrocketing market.

However, saying yes to this opportunity just felt right. In my heart I know it’s my net step AND in stepping in, I’ve already been guided to new consulting projects and taken on several new private coaching clients too. My business is growing because I’m growing.

I’m not surprised though. My heart always knows the way.

Mindset Shift #2: Share your dreams don’t keep them secret

There’s a real tendency, especially when your dream is really bold and out there, to want to keep it private. Most people are afraid of being judged in that, “Who does she think she is to dream that big???” sort of way.

My mindset is quite different. In fact, my opportunity with the U.N. unfolded directly because I told a friend, very vulnerably and passionately that I wanted to work here.

I didn’t expect anything to come from sharing about my dream role only to find out that one of her best friends works here already. Immediately, she connected us (simply to talk about my resume and how I could tailor it to land a role one day) and a few months later I’m here.

The saying is true— It really is about who you know but that only works if you’re willing to be open about what you really want. Sharing your goals and dreams with the right people, people who you know want to help and see you succeed,  opens the most beautiful doors. Be willing to share your dreams.

If you don’t have a safe space to do that, you can always join us over in the Veza Community on Facebook.

Mindset Shift #3: Know your worth but don’t be all about the money

Taking a volunteer role at the U.N. was really easy for me. Truthfully, even though I really intended to work here one day, I didn’t think I was ready for a paid position.

This is me being 100% straight up here and not downplaying my value— I’m absolutely aware of my worth and know there are hundreds of amazing roles I’m capable of landing if I wanted to and yet I know I need a different set of skills to be offered a paid role at the U.N.

There are many who would make that mean something about them or make it be a reason they can’t have a career in a field they really want. For me, this is no big deal. It’s part of the leadership journey and I’m willing to learn and do what it takes to be able to land any role I choose.

Including working without direct monetary compensation, (for now).

The thing is… my coaching business is now flourishing and now I’m gaining the skills I need doing work I love. It feels like, I’m receiving the most invaluable hands on training and connections I could ever ask for.

None of this would be possible if I simply believed I wasn’t good enough now or ever, or if I was attached to how this opportunity reflected in my bank account.

It’s important to remember your salary doesn’t mean anything about your worth and to be open to being compensated in other ways when it makes sense to do so. FYI this isn’t an invitation to work for free just anywhere to gain experience. This needs to be done really strategically.

Mindset Shift #4: Play in your zone of genius, don’t be a Jill of all trades

This mindset shift  is newer to me. It’s one I really committed and has been pivotal in landing my new role.

You see, when I initially connected with my friend’s friend at the U.N. He was really impressed by my resume, but he also gave me some sage advice. It was something I knew, and recommended to others, but was kind of ignoring in my own career.

Over the years my career has had a really split focus comprised of experience in both marketing and HR. I’ve enjoyed a succession of really great roles in both areas but he told me it was time choose the one I wanted to move forward in as an expert.


Because top organizations in the world, whether they’re public or private sector, they want the best. They want experts.

They get to choose from among the brightest minds in the world and they don’t need a Jack or Jill of all trades. They don’t need someone who can do everything (because really that doesn’t exist!).

Hearing this forced me to draw the line in the sand, and it’s another reason I chose to volunteer. I’m developing HR strategy and leadership programs for the United Nations where I’m honing my expertise in that realm.

The cool thing is, I’ve started to apply the zone of genius principle in  my coaching and consulting business too.

Making this transition and now devoting 40 hours per week to my role here, means that I can’t continue to be the Jill of all trades in my business like I have the tendency to. I had to bring on the team members who are experts in their fields so that I could stay in my zone in the time that I do have available on evenings and weekends. I want to use those to deliver private coaching sessions and programs, not creating social media graphics (which I suck at by the way!).

It’s a new mindset shift and a stretch sometimes… but I’m seeing so much open up for me already. Choosing to specialize and narrow your focus to your own zone of genius opens doors your mind could never imagine. Organizations choose experts first.

Mindset Shift #5: Ask for and receive for support… don’t go it alone. 

The final mindset I want to share, and another I continue to embrace now that I’m here, is asking for and receiving support.

Hiring a team and being in a new, unfamiliar role, means I continually have to ask for and receive support, and this doesn’t come that naturally to me. I’m fiercely independent and really great at offering support before asking and receiving it myself.

Which is funny, because my career and business always grow when I allow myself to be supported. Duh!

I’m intentionally working on this while I’m here in the Netherlands. Not just in my business or at work either.

I’m in a new country where I don’t know anyone. It could be really easy to lean into my independence but instead I’m actively cultivating my support system. During my first week here I’ve made the first move to spark new friendships and  begin to find my tribe. I’m no longer willing to go it alone in all areas of my life.

I’m reminded, daily, that navigating any new experience or unchartered journey is much easier and enjoyable  when you are supported.

With this in mind, I’m really excited to share a special resource the team and I are putting together to support YOU! We’re adding the finishing touches on as we speak.

Later this week we’ll be releasing a brand new (free!) Goal Setting Guide to help you explore some of the mindset shifts, leadership qualities and communication skills you need to cultivate to magnetize your dream role in 2018.

Its going to help you dig really deep and create a plan for the year to come so keep a look out. I’ll share it first in our Veza Community on Facebook so be sure to join us there if you’ve not a member.

In the meantime, I’d love to know, 2 things:

  1. what does your dream role look like?
  2.  What mindset shifts do you think you need to make to have it manifest in 2018?

Post a comment below and let me know! I promise to read and respond to each one.

Collaboration and sisterhood heightens our personal development

I knew the power of collaboration and sisterhood but this weekend I saw it again.

I am reveling in the energy of the weekend where I was blessed to teach Akashic Records Level 3 to group of women who dove in deep into the trenches of their own souls so they can further uncover their light and be more of a contribution to this world.

It was powerful to see the transformation that occurs when we truly see each other, hear each other and are present to other people’s experiences. 

Reflecting on this weekend, I noticed how much many of us spend time trying to control the experiences of others, trying to prove that we are lovable and trying to prove that we are worthy of love but really the magic is in just BE-ing.

I never noticed the magic of just BE-ing and pure love for me just being me until I spent more time with my nephews and nieces. I realized I love spending time with them because they love me for just me. I don’t have to give them anything, be anything or do anything. I just need to show up, be present and see/hear them.

The same that these women experienced this weekend with each other.

At the root of it all, all of us just want others to be present to our love for them. We want others to see themselves as we see them. We want others to just BE themselves as it gives us permission to be ourselves.

This isn’t just with personal relationships. This is the same at work as well. Each person in your organization wants to be seen and heard so they know their contribution is valued and appreciated. When that is done, magic happens. They perform better. They contribute even more AND they stay engaged with the goals of the company. That person is you who wants to be seen and heard and is in the place to see and hear others so they feel that magic that you want to feel.

As leaders, contributors to organizations and contributors to society, it is your role to BE so you can give permission for others to be.

It is your role to see and hear others so you can be seen and heard as well.

It is your role to build a community of collaboration and sisterhood/brotherhood around you, so you feel that you are fully empowered, you are fully present with your strengths and you are BEing the best version of yourself as you experience love for being just who you are.

The weekend with these wonderful women reminded me the power of mastermind, collaboration and support that we are call for and desire.

I know in my role as a connector that is the work I am hear to do. Connect others through creating community of like-minded women.

This is why the group programs that are offered through Veza are SO important as they allow women to see and hear each other especially when their hearts are raw and they feel ever so vulnerable.

It is time for you to BE, BE seen and BE heard. It is time for you to be you and know you will be loved.

We are enrolling in the Magnetize Your Career 8 week group program starting November 13, 2017. If you are ready, willing, committed to your career of choice, it is your time to join the collaborative sisterhood that exists. Click here to enroll.


Be the light

As we send our prayers to all the places in the world that need them today, remember your responsibility is to bring more light into this world and live your life with fulfillment and happiness.

That is what will rid the world of this darkness.

The world is a safe space as long as you continue to live your light, be kind and do your inner work to release your shadows and darknesses.

You are worthy of being that beacon of light that you are.

Be shining your light you give others permission to shine theirs and that is how we will bring more peace in this world.

Be the light. Do what it takes to allow yourself to shine even more brightly. Stop making money an excuse – that is your fear of your own light. You owe it to the world to bring your unique gifts to it.

PS. Your gifts include magnetizing your career so you can be of best possible service to this world. If you are ready to amp up your career, attract more money and the position you desire click here

A Woman In Business – 5 Ways to Raise Your Profile Power

Self-promotion as a woman – it doesn’t sound graceful and it’s easy to shy away from the limelight, especially if you have to create your own wattage. Many women have been habituated to being in the shadows, and supporting others in reaching their dreams and ambitions. It is time for you to stand out from the noise. But it’s crucial for your career success to do this FOR YOURSELF to be in your power. Instead of thinking of it as self-promoting, think of it as letting your light shine, offering your story to others who might gain something from your struggles and successes, and stepping into your own personal power.

Here are some ways you can get in front of others, get recognized and tell your story:

  1. Know How Great You Are and feel Fulfilled – and also know what you want.  What buzz can you create? What are you curious about and what makes others curious about you and what you do? Why do you want to be in business? Who do you want to work for? What makes you credible? How are you an expert?
  2. Video Pitch – so you don’t like to hear your own voice, and you don’t like the way you look on camera…. Time to get over that! If you can’t enjoy these aspects of yourself, how can you expect others to listen to you and see you? Video is the new bio, the new resume, the new foot in the door. It’s a must in the rapidly changing technological landscape. With the amazing capabilities of new accessible technology, we all have a video camera in our back pocket. Get footage of yourself delivering your elevator pitch, your key strengths and/or your differentiating advantages. It will be your calling card.
  3. Get Connected – find industry associations, women-in-business networking groups, and other gatherings of key people in your industry. They all have luncheons and group meetings and they usually want speakers – they need your story! You can send them your video pitch to get the ball rolling. Here in Vancouver, some of the groups I rely on are Digital Marketing Meetups, Vancouver Entrepreneurs, Tech Vancouver, BCTECH, Launch Academy, Vancouver Economic Commision, Raise Collective, and Front Funder.
  4. Get Introduced – use your networks – personal, business, LinkedIn, and Social Media to meet the people you want to get in front of. Remember to be super graceful and not to corner anyone into a meeting. (Also don’t take it personally if you get no response.) Business is all about relationships and working your relationships to create more is a win-win strategy.
  5. Social Media – choose one or two platforms and create a business (vs. personal) profile. Keep it updated regularly. Interact with others on it daily if you can. You don’t have to be going for Instagram Fame Status – but your social media presence should support your IRL presence.

Expanding your profile can be clever, community-driven and fun. So yes, do it! The world needs more of you.

Need to determine a strategy for your career, contact me for a complimentary 1/2 hour coaching session, email me

Fall – unleash to claim your power

The fall is a beautiful time to bring out the beauty in each and every being on this earth. Fall is a time to ground into the creation before we step into the depths of the winter and freshness of the spring. The fall is a beautiful time to reset, refocus and re-engage on what it is that you wanted to create in this year. This is the time of year that you can accomplish more than you expected in the four months that lie ahead.

Those who see themselves as a leader or are choosing to see themselves as leaders have set themselves up for success. Yes, I know this is triggering to those who are not fully identifying as leaders. I believe there is a leader in each and every one of you. Something inside you does stand out. Something inside you allows you to show this world that you are meant to be here. Something inside you that shows your beauty regardless of the circumstances around you.

You are a leader!

I believe in you. I believe in the value you bring to the world. So it is time for you to see it. It is time for you to step fully into your power and say “YES! I am ready to take action on my dreams!” Really, why have you been stopping yourself?

You didn’t grow up in a household where women were powerful? Well break free of that mold!

You don’t see the people are you stepping into their leadership? Well, who cares what they are doing…focus on those people who you admire and you know are doing what it takes to step their game up. Hire those people, surround yourself with them, pay them for their knowledge so they can support you to your greatness, become friends with people who are up to amazing things and inspire yourself daily through your morning ritual and interesting talks.

Yes, this fall is your time. Your shine to do all that you want to do. You have been laying the foundation, well now it is the time to take action.

Need support and guidance on what to do next. Message me, message your mentor, message someone who can be that soundboard, provide the insight and hold you accountable.

No more playing small. This fall is about you and your power.

Let’s see you fully bloom.

Finding fulfillment in all aspects of life

Some aspects of our lives come easier than others. We have become a master at being fulfilled at those areas as we are able to do what it takes to truly gain success in those areas. There may be other areas that are a struggle and require more focus and attention.

Recently I put the Guide to surviving family events as a single person out there and the comments/feedback I received reminded me of a few things:

  1. According to the Wheel of Life exercise, we can only be truly fulfilled as the lowest area on the wheel of life.
  2. How in many cases, some women really find career alot easier or they find relationships with others or the relationship with their body – it is usually a few select areas that they find easier to master and feel fulfilled.
  3. The areas that they are not fulfilled, they have been struggling at and now feel frustrated.

So as I write this, I am feeling the need to share a key question that will allow you to feel more fulfilled. It is simple, “What do I need to do or be in order to be more fulfilled in the _____ area of my life?”

That’s it, you may be thinking. Yes, you have the answer within yourself. Sometimes you may have a blind spot or need to work with a coach to develop a plan and see the blind spot but really that is it. Ask yourself on a consistent basis this question and see what miracles occur.

Yes, miracles can occur from a simple question. You are opening your mind up to new possibilities, new way of doing things and a new way of approaching life.

Ask yourself the question and what came up for you?

PS: Download the Guide to surviving family events as a single person even if you are in a relationship or single, there is a seven step process to gain confidence and feel more fulfilled in the guide. 

A rock and a hard place?

Sometimes life sucks. Things don’t go our way. You try everything. Changing yourself. Changing circumstance. Taking action. Doing the right thing. Doing the meditations. Affirmations. Everything. It is tiring thinking of everything that you have done to make it better. No matter what you do the situation doesn’t change.

When you get to this place. It is time to be quiet and go inwards. Listen to what the guidance your heart is telling you. Listen to where your gut is leading you. Listen to the voice of reason. Then take one step. Only one step. It may be contacting someone who can help you. It may be sharing your story with someone as they may have guidance. It may be doing nothing.

Listen to your heart. Really that is what it comes down to. It will always work out. Yes, you may have to change behaviours or a deep belief but the external will change as you shift the internal. It is bound to happen. I promise you that.

Listen to your heart and take that one action today.

Love and light,

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Is your deep desire calling?

The fire inside you burns. The fire that you try to swat away at and decrease it but the fire continues. It may simmer for short periods of time but you are aware that it is still present within you.

The fire is your calling. The fire is what you truly desire to create in this world.

It makes you feel unsettled. It makes you feel like something is missing within you. Something more is awaiting you.

Can you feel that fire within you?

Do you feel your soul calling you to something deeper? Something greater?

What is that fire telling you? What do you need to do to nurture and tame that fire into creating what your soul desires?

What dreams have been calling you that you can’t shake? Are those dreams telling you your next steps?

Are you willing, ready and committed to taking those steps now?

Are you ready to make that deep commitment to yourself to listen to your soul’s fire?

Take one action towards that fire today. Let me know what step you took. Just that one action puts your creation into action.

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