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About Manpreet

Manpreet Dhillon, MA, CHRP

Success Coach, Human Resources and Organizational Management Consultant

Manpreet Dhillon is a Success Coach and a Human Resources and Organizational Management Consultant, working with individuals who strive to be better leaders in their personal and professional lives. Manpreet is a Certified Personal and Business Coach, Certified Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Organizational Management to allow her to incorporate emotional intelligence in an appreciative inquiry approach to coaching/consulting. Manpreet is also a contributing author to Chicken Soup to the Soul and a contributing author to another best selling Amazon book. 

Manpreet has a strong passion for bringing the best out of people and have them live their dream life. She believes that everyone is meant to be strong, abundant, healthy while having the life they want both personally and professionally. On the business side, Manpreet works with organizations on strategy, human resources initiatives, change management, organizational culture and building community.

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What others have said about working with Manpreet

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first booked in with Manpreet but she had an amazing way of putting me at ease right from the start. I love her sense of humor ‘matter of fact’ way of dealing with deep spiritual topics. I was going through some challenging transitions during our time together and she had an amazing way of putting life into perspective and leading me towards greater clarity. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our sessions.”

Nicky C. Jones
Yoga Inspired Grief Coach

“I’m a strong believer in taking the path of least resistance and the most pleasure in my work and life.  I first hired Manpreet when I wasn’t feeling completely connected to my business message which was leaving me playing small and lacking the full level of passion I know I am capable of. In our experience together we covered many different things – some directly related to what I hired her for and others more personal related.  I left each session with a renewed sense of inspiration, relief and clarity in moving forward. Her work is very intuitive and deep, yet very practical which I love. I recommend her to any action focused people who are ready to clear their path of anything that could be holding them back from functioning at an optimum level.”

Allison Braun
The Business Joyologist